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Virtual instruments and DAW makers Cakewalk have just released a brand new tool for iPad performers that looks promising. ScratchPad is a loop-based app, allowing users to drop in loops of their choice to the interface and quickly play, tweak, scratch, filter, and stutter the loop during playback. It’s not complicated – and that’s what makes it interesting. Instead of trying to do too many things, the application sticks to a basic 3×3 grid layout for playing loops and effecting them.

Within the the loop players are simple controls – drag a finger down to stop the clip or column, move to the top of the circle to apply one of the four stutter effects and drag left and right on a loop to scratch it. The application also features a XY filter pad for any low or high passes necessary – see all the features in action in their basic launch video:

iOS performers will be happy to know that the software also includes support for audio routing via AudioBus, meaning that you can send and receive audio into and out of the app into other compatible applications.


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