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Antony Sheen

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169116-will-i-am.jpg 42027667040c4ee0251f3c2b5039233b.jpg Bastille--MAIN_1686198a.jpg Katy-Perry-Eye-Makeup2.jpg 

So the list is getting bigger and bigger. Each month we hear another rip off of an old track that has been re-done by another artist because they are so rubbish at what they do them selves they have to steal and copy.

As a music producer myself i feel it is disgusting how the chart music world the commercial scene is going these days. Its like no one can make there own music while there are people, producers out there making amazing tracks with unknown vocalist that are not even getting heard because they are not popular. 

The latest one to hit me was the track by Bastille. They have taken 2 of the most famous dance floor classics of their generation and put them together using the same beat but playing it themselves and expect us to go wow its amazing how original Bastille are amazing well sorry but what a load of rubbish all you have done is put 2 of my favourite tracks together and slowed it down and given it a new name.

If so called artists cant make their own music then they can no longer class them selves as artists, if this is the only way they can get to the top then i ask you this now please don't bother as its shows nothing but the fact you cant make good music of your own. 

Also the commercial radio stations are not helping the situation either they get handed a list of tracks they are allowed to play so that they keep the commercial world happy with popular music and artists. Yet you get a pirate radio station bringing you the best in unknown underground music that is ten times better and they are being chased off the face of the earth. 

My view is the music world has fallen apart and is no where near as good as it used to be even if you are and electronic music producer you still can make your own music its called 'BUY YOURSELF A MIDI KEYBOARD'.

This is my view let me know what you think. 

I will keep my ears peeled on new rip off tracks and will post here every time i hear one.

Antony Sheen


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I totally agree

Shameful really that they cant sit and think of their own material 


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I actually like attributing songs that I use in my Kronomashes to the original artists ^_^ It's the acknowledgement that I enjoy!
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